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Rehab Lab Miami

Rehab Lab Miami is a concierge physical therapy center located in Miami, FL. The practice’s physical therapists and personal trainers target chronic pain in patients and use highly tested techniques and equipment to achieve desired results.

Housed in the same building as Sensory Fitness, this rehabilitation center provides an offer of injury treatment and prevention distinct from the boutique gym.

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As a newer business, Rehab Lab Miami’s main problem when GetBissy took it on as a client was a lack of brand awareness.

To introduce the brand to its Miami audience, GetBissy’s solution was to create a social media marketing plan to promote the center on Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, our agency created monthly social media advertisements and Google advertisements for the center and solicited reviews from patients.

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The original strategy of GetBissy’s social media marketing plan was to heighten awareness by building the brand’s Instagram page, which had a small following of only about 180, and its Facebook page.

Our agency would plan, create, and post content to the Instagram and Facebook pages, which would target active individuals in the Miami area who experience chronic (or lingering) pain.

The agency agreed with Rehab Lab to post three separate Instagram and Facebook posts each week and Instagram “stories” throughout the week as well. Some of these posts, including “Mobility Mondays with Mike” and “Jueves with Juan,” became recurring weekly video segments that show followers a new exercise or stretch from two of the center’s charismatic physical therapists.

Feed and story post graphics highlight the center’s motivational tone and effectiveness. Graphic design for video thumbnails focused on mostly heavy white text that conveyed a sense of inspiration and significance.

For the video content, GetBissy creative members filmed Rehab Lab’s physical therapists for weekly segments and Instagram Reels. To this day, our creative team edits and applies contemporary music for these intriguing and informational videos. 

Post copy makes use of figurative language and motivational phrasing to encourage followers to sign up for physical therapy, taking care to highlight the compassion and expertise of the physical therapists and personal trainers.

The copy is written in a mix of promotional and non-promotional content, using emotional messaging where possible for community or member appreciation posts. 



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As a result of consistent, cohesive and well-designed social media posts and advertisements, Rehab Lab increased its Instagram saw a 67% increase in followers from May to November 2021, engagement by about 132%, and profile reach by about 240%.


Google Ads contributed to Rehab Lab having a higher ranking on Google’s search page, generating more sales for the gym through Google, and reaching wider audiences. 

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