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Heme Onc Call

Heme Onc Call is the nation’s first telehealth hematology practice based in Miami, Florida. Run by Dr. Steven Fein, the practice meets with patients online via video chat to discuss and explain treatment and conditions of various blood disorders.

Dr. Fein and his team focus primarily on iron deficiency in women; however, they also provide care for other major blood disorders and blood cancers.

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Heme Onc Call offers strong benefits, such as the ability to see a hematologist within one day of contact and the convenience of an online consultation.

However, Heme Onc Call needed to build brand awareness, specifically online. Additionally, the client’s overarching goal was to gain more conversions in order to “save more lives.”

GetBissy’s solution for Heme Onc Call was to create and maintain the brand’s social media presence, website, and digital advertising campaigns.

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GetBissy’s original strategy included building Heme Onc Call’s brand awareness by creating a Facebook and Instagram page. This service includes content creation, posting, and interaction with other accounts and users.

We also planned to design and maintain a website for Heme Onc Call that would provide information for prospective and current patients and serve as a first point of contact with Dr. Steven Fein.

Additionally, we planned to develop and monitor digital advertising campaigns for the brand that targeted his main audience of American women.

We also developed social media advertising campaigns for Heme Onc Call. This included a graphic or edited photo and specific copy to the campaign, such as promoting free initial consultations. This content was used for Facebook and Instagram and was repurposed for LinkedIn ads and Google Ads.

GetBissy agreed with Heme Onc Call to post three separate Instagram and Facebook posts each week and Instagram “stories” throughout the week as well. The agency’s talented teams for social media management and creative strengthened (and continues to strengthen) the brand with cohesive Instagram and Facebook pages.

Heme Onc Call’s Instagram and Facebook posts are consistent, informational, and approachable. The posts emulate the brand’s colors of red and navy blue with graphics containing pink, red, white, and navy blue.

Photos of Dr. Steven Fein and his employees are incorporated into the posts where possible to build credibility and approachability. The brand’s voice is caring and informational, so the post copy provides users updates about the business and information on common blood disorders.

We also agreed to provide monthly Facebook Live events, which feature Dr. Steven Fein speaking and answering questions for an hour about specific blood disorders and treatment.


As a result of consistent, cohesive and innovative social media posts and advertisements, Heme Onc Call gained 582 Facebook page likes from August 2020 to November 2021 and 466 Instagram followers. Social media engagement and reach have been increasing consistently since the start of GetBissy’s management.


Much of the positive data from Heme Onc Call’s Facebook page can be attributed to the Facebook Live events, which attract dozens of viewers each time. 

GetBissy Marketing continues to post social media content for Heme Onc Call, mostly maintaining the previous strategy in an effort to continue reaching American women who may experience a blood disorder.


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